Ok, here goes.....

After much hand-wringing, soul-searching and thought, we are retiring from Multisport and running least for the time being. Hopefully, there will be a triathlon at Waterville Valley in the future, but EndorFUN most likely won't be producing it. We had a pretty strong feeling that this past Black Fly Tri Fest would be our swan song, and we wanted to go out and create an event that was special for all of you and us.

We did that, and felt it was a fitting ending to something we started with passion and heart 13 years ago. In the meantime, some forces have been at work to convince us to continue with Black Fly.

Walking away from something thats special and important to us is ALWAYS difficult. These forces muddied the waters a bit for us, and we started to rethink if it was truly time to hang em up.

However, we've always felt that, if you can't give everything you have and all that you are to create something you're proud of, it's time to find something else to do. In the end, we...I suppose I should say, I, Keith....had reached the point where we questioned if that commitment was all that it needed to be, and if we were doing a disservice to all of you who have been so supportive over the years, and who have become like family.

The hardest thing has been deciding to say goodbye. So, don't look at this as goodbye. Anyone who knows me knows that I often leave a party or a meeting without saying goodbye. Its not being rude, it's just that I don't believe in goodbyes. There's always another time we'll meet.

Thanks to all of you for making this last 13 years the best of our lives, and thank you for all of the memories that will always be with us. Remember, its not goodbye. It's see you later:)

If you're ever in Texas join us for Gritty Goddess, we'd love to see you!